Import and Synchronize Product Source Store Categories to Your WooCommerce Store

Matching between your store and supplier store product categories is a daunting task. It will require hard work if you do it manually. While on the other side, in dropshipping business this “seems to be” minor thing is a big deal. Especially if we’re talking about SEO and advertising. Product categories often play bigger parts as a keyword pusher. Identifier of your products in the whole wide search engines world. A tool that can import product categories to a WooCommerce store would be a nice arsenal. Even more, if it can synchronize the categories. That tool would be priceless and a booster to your store traffic building.

Why you need to synchronize product categories.

The question is, is there such a tool? Tools that can import product categories from supplier stores are rare. Not to mention to synchronize the categories. A lot of the tool, instead of making your store perform better they ruin your store optimization. By stacking the same categories repeatedly. It causes your store to have different products with the same name categories but on different structures. This is bad when a Google robot crawls your product pages. Your tags and other meta information you built with high efforts become a waste and play a very minor part in building up your brand. This is why synchronization is a vital part. A good tool needs to be able to import and synchronize the categories list inside your store with the ones from supplier store.

If you’re reading this article, then you will know that there is a tool that can do that. DROPSHIX web application is probably the first tool that can:

  1. Import product categories to your WooCommerce store.
  2. Synchronize your store product categories with supplier store product categories.
  3. Import and synchronize product categories from multi stores (AliExpress and BangGood).
  4. Not just importing new ones but also updates the existing products.
  5. Preserve the product categories structure.
Syncing product categories is easy now.

You will have more times to figure out your marketing strategy because you already backed up with a good categories structure. This will ease you in determining the keywords, tags, and building up advertisements.

How to import and synchronize product categories using DROPSHIX

To learn how to do it, please kindly watch the video below.

Step by step to import and sync product categories.

DROPSHIX Web Application.

To use this feature you’ll need to have access to DROPSHIX™ Web Application. DROPSHIX™ web application is accessible for any “Paid” or “Silver” package projects. So, if your project is using the FREE package then upgrade now to start importing and syncing product categories from AliExpress and BangGood.

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