The Number Game in Dropshipping

In dropshipping business, one of the secret that no guru ever mention is “The Number Game”. The more items you can publish to your store, the more chance you will make sales. If you want to create 1 sale you will need to have at least 15 items on your store. The number is accumulated, based on the sales target you wish to achieve.

Why number matters in an online store?

How many items you have on your store really affect the first impression. Any potential customers that visit your website will first notice this. There is a psychology theory behind this strategy. People will not directly buy the first item they see. Even though that item is what they’re really looking for or came from their search query.

People will doubt their choice. They will question them self whether buying the item is what they really need to do. To be able to look for other options is somehow help assure them to make the purchase. So number game is actually about giving people other options to help them make a decision. The less the number of your products in your store, the more chance you will have a potential customer go.

Another reason why the number of items sold on your store is very important. The more items you have on your store make your store looks more professional and trustworthy. As funny as it may sound to you. When you see a store with very few items. You will think unconsciously that this store is new. It might not have enough sales yet for you to believe that nothing could go wrong with your purchase.

The main point here. That whatever the reason behind it, the number of items you have on your store affect your potential customer’s decision. Although, I heard many other technical sides of this strategy model. I still believe that in the end human psychology play more part in the purchasing process. Not that I don’t believe that the more items on your store will boost SEO. Or push up your page rank (which is true if I may say). But we should also consider the psychology side as that what really turn visitors to buyers.

How to play dropshipping number game properly and efficiently?

If you imagine that it will be a hard labor work. Inputting one by one every item you want to sell on your store manually. Then you are ready to be a good dropshipper my friend, but not a successful one. It’s good to know that you’re ready to work hard to achieve your success. But you should also consider using a tool to simplify the process. There are several conditions you should consider to apply this marketing strategy. So, doing all manually might not be a good idea.

1. Product category range

Just having as many items as possible on your store is not a good idea. You should consider the distribution on each category. Especially, how they will relate to your store main theme. For example, if you brand your store a watch store. You should consider carefully whether you want to put more digital watches or analog watches. This will affect how people browse through your store. Whether they will stay and finally make a purchase, or leave immediately.

Having a well organized product category also help boost your page rank. It will be easier for you to put tags on your items. Proper tags will attract a better visitor from search engines. Search engines will collect a better correlation on your product pages. And at the end, it will build a better SEO performance for your store.

2. Single store or multiple stores

There are many ways to distribute items. You can chose to put it all on a single store. Or, you can split it to several stores. You can go with different domains to maximize outbound links. Or, you can go with sub-domains to build more trust on your customers.

Of course, this can become a problem if you are using a platform like Shopify. You will be charged per store, and that can cause a high overhead cost. So that explains why most Shopify stores are filled with many products. This is also the source of failures for some Shopify store owners. Especially those who are new with a tight budget. The number game is a poison for their business.

But if you are using a platform like WooCommerce, this is not a problem. The only problem is how you will manage those items on different sites? If you do it manually, then it will be a lot of hard works, but it’s worth it. Because the sales number will also high. Unless you use a tool to manage it. Then it will be a lot easier and surely give you more benefits in the competition. The cost is usually per store for a tool to help you manage multiple stores. There are also tools that will cost you a one-time payment. I prefer to use a tool with a subscription fee, considering the rapid updates of WooCommerce and WordPress. I need my tool to stay updated with my e-commerce platform.

But being charged for each store can also increase the overhead cost. Don’t worry, there is a solution to every problem. We’ll talk about it in a little bit more.

3. Summary

So you will need to pay attention to product categories. You will also need to decide whether you are going with one store or several stores. Many things that you need to pay attention to. These details play an important roles on your success. It can kill your business or it can become your key of success. The question now is, how to make the decision? Well, what if I told you that you can play around with this strategy. What if the options are all at your disposal? What if I told you, that you can even make another business from this?

If you’re using DROPSHIX then you should check this newly published offer. DROPSHIX SILVER PACKAGE is a package that will offer you several advantages. Features that will help you master this dropshipping number game. Below are several key features from the package.

  1. Import and sync product with its product category structure (AliExpress items)
  2. Up to 10 add-ons projects quota. This will allow you to manage several stores with a single monthly subscription fee.
  3. Auto order feature, for each store (main and add-on websites).
  4. Import item’s feedbacks and reviews, for each store (main and add-on websites).
  5. Resell-able, you can sell the add-ons quota as part of your service. They have their own API keys and can stand alone with another domain.

More details and information, you should visit the official DROPSHIX SILVER PACKAGE page.


Dropshipping number game, is a strategy you should know. This is a must use strategy, especially if your website is selling common items. The strategy can impact you in several factors. Human psychology, SEO performance, and store brand. A proper and an efficient method should be your top consideration. Finally, use a tool that will help you cope with this tactic. A tool can be a difference and a game leverage in the competition. Remember to choose a tool that will help you grow and provide you with options.

At the end, sales is the main concern. A tool can only be as good as how you use it. But having a tool where you can experiment with different strategies is a plus. I hope you enjoy this article and looking forward to your comments.

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