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You never fail until you stop trying - Albert Einstein

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Dropshix VIP Package ($19.99 /month)

  • 2,500 Actively Monitored Listings.
  • 2 + 3
    Advanced Pricing Configuration.
  • 6 times per day
    Listing's Price Synchronization.
  • Full Stock Analytic Management.
  • Secure Data Storage
  • Manage Commission
    (If supported).
  • 24 hours support.
  • Automatic Ordering feature (using Chrome Extension for AliExpress).
  • Import product categories structure from source store.
    (AliExpress and BangGood)
  • Full access to use DROPSHIX Web Application.
  • Shipping tracker shortcode feature.
  • Import by Product ID(s) (AliExpress, BangGood, and Amazon).
  • Save Inactive listings as "Draft" products.
  • SEO assistance (VVIP Package only).
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